We’re back with the Arkansas trip! Day 2 start!

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Korean BBQ

There comes a point after living in a foreign country for so long that things stop seeming as scary as they once may have been. That’s exactly what happened with navigating the Tokyo metro. I know the way to and from the university like the back of my hand, and the same can be said for finding my way to Asakusa. Once you learn the trick of the trade, everything falls into place, even if all the words are in a foreign language that you still have trouble pronouncing more often than not.

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こんにちわ From Japan

Moving to a new country is a daunting task. It can be overwhelming, terrifying, and exciting all at one time. Do you have everything you need? Are you mentally prepared for the culture shock? Have you said your goodbyes to everyone? Did you remember to pack those absolutely must-have new pair of socks that you just cannot live without? You did? Cool. Awesome. Great. That means you’re one step closer to starting your new and amazing life abroad. You didn’t? That’s still not a problem because you’re still about to start your new and amazing life abroad. Did you catch that? No? Okay, I’ll say it once more.

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