Review: King Beatrice by Evangeline

Hello all, and welcome back to another review. I am so excited to tell you about my experience with Evangeline’s novella King Beatrice, a beautiful coming of age story about two kids finding out who they are and their places in life. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

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Fleshing Out Your Characters: How to Make them More Realistic

We’ve all been there. A great idea pops into our head, giving our heart a jump start. Our thoughts race as timelines lay themselves out. We think of every scenario we can put our characters through—wait, characters? Yep, those people who our readers become so invested in they cry with them, laugh with them, sometimes get so frustrated with them they wanna smack them. They’re one reason our stories exist and one way we hook our reader into continuing on. How do we get to that moment where our readers become that invested in our characters? Read on for your answer.

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