Autumnal Adventure

There was a time when I was studying in Japan that a group of my friends went on an excursion to Mitake Mountain. There were five of us though I was only really close to two of them. We all have those friends who we label as “friends” when, in actually, they’re just acquaintances.

The Autumnal excursion was ripe with beautiful overlooks, memorable experiences, and a gorgeous shrine that stood at the top of it all. This shrine was known for worship of animals where pet owners could purchase little protection charms for cats or dogs. Of course, I bought one for my own pooch and it dangles from my phone to this day. Every step I take is followed by a small chiming of the little bell ringing, reminding me of the day, the adventure, the friends, and the views.

5 Anxieties of Travel (and Some Horror Stories)

I absolutely love travel. Just the thought of going to a new State or Country sends a rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins at all the countless adventures awaiting to be had; however, if you’re an avid traveler like myself, then you know the thrills/anxieties that accompany the adventure. I’m not talking about the thrill of taking that first step onto or off of the plane, either. I’m talking about those heart pounding moments of panic we’ve all had at one point or another.

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The Art of Valentine’s Day Chocolate

​In America, Valentine’s Day is something couples eagerly celebrate. There’s always some nice, intimate dinner involved, sometimes there’s the exchanging of gifts and/or giving of flowers. When thinking about it, traditionally it’s the guy giving the chocolates or flowers to their significant other? In Japan, this is a little different in the sense that it’s reversed.

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The Tokyo Metro

Hello all! Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. No, I’m no longer in Japan. Yes, I’m still planning to bring you all things travel and book related. As I’m sure everyone is aware of with recent events, the world has been in a grim place because of COVID-19. It affected a lot of students. This includes myself, and what had been my study abroad. I’ll write a whole post revolved around this at a later date. For now, I still have tons of adventures to tell you all about that I never got the chance to. I hope you enjoy some wacky, adventurous, emotional tales of my semester in Japan.

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Yokohama. It’s a place one often hears about when discussion of Japan starts. The city is best known for its Red Brick Warehouse and Minatomirai area, which holds tons of food and entertainment. There’s also the minor fact that it’s where the Pikachu Outbreak happens every year. Unfortunately for me, there was no outbreak going on the day I went there, but I fully intend ongoing back in August when it takes place, so look forward to that article. I had one reason for my visit, outside of being the American tourist I am, and that was for souvenir shopping, otherwise known as the おみやぎ(Omiyagi) in Japanese.

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こんにちわ From Japan

Moving to a new country is a daunting task. It can be overwhelming, terrifying, and exciting all at one time. Do you have everything you need? Are you mentally prepared for the culture shock? Have you said your goodbyes to everyone? Did you remember to pack those absolutely must-have new pair of socks that you just cannot live without? You did? Cool. Awesome. Great. That means you’re one step closer to starting your new and amazing life abroad. You didn’t? That’s still not a problem because you’re still about to start your new and amazing life abroad. Did you catch that? No? Okay, I’ll say it once more.

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