Journaling #2

Prompt: What Do You Miss Most?
I’ve decided to attack this prompt a little differently by putting my thoughts in a poem. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you miss the most in the comments below!

I miss the lazy mornings.
The mornings when I would wake up
and there would be no school that day.
Or maybe it was a snow day
A delayed day
A day when all I would have to care about was
What should I have for breakfast?
What should I do to combat the boredom?

I miss those mornings where “being an adult”
Was something to be excited about.
I can’t wait to be independent
I can’t wait to not have to do chores
I can’t wait to be an adult.
Yeah, now it’s
I wish I could be a kid again.

I miss the days where
Masks weren’t a fashion trend
The days where you weren’t
scared to brush up against someone.
Those times when
Personal space was a thing
but not a strict religion.

I miss the days
Where I would wake up
and hear the sound of the train
right outside my small room
in a city of
and Opportunities
Where I spoke Japanese
Cheerily said
To my host family
And took a 45 minute train ride
for a half hour class.

Looking on it all
it’s hard to choose one thing I miss
The Most
I guess you could just say
I miss the fondness
And simplicity
Of the past.

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