3 Regrets of Junior Year

So, I’ll make this short and sweet. A little tip from me to you, that I hope you take whole heartedly for your own college experience.

1.) Core Classes

Do not (and I repeat Do Not) save all of your core classes for your last two years. For whatever reason, I thought getting all of my Gen Ed’s out of the way at the start was a good idea, and now I’m hardcore struggling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love English with all my heart. I could go on and on for hours about some books I’m reading or have read, but man let me tell you, these classes really pack on the reading load.

My Act of Interpretation class (which is super interesting and engaging) is what’s really getting me because we’re reading a lot of philosophical texts and my brain doesn’t want to comprehend half the time.

2.) Not Seeing the Fall Colors

So, I go to university in Maine, which means harsh winters, but beautiful fall colors. One reason I chose my university is because of how gorgeous the campus can get during this time of the year, and now I’m seriously regretting not being there for the Fall semester.

Things with the virus have messed up a lot of plans, but I wish I would have gone back, just to be able to walk around the campus and be immersed in the setting again.

3.) Not Keeping A Record of Fall Semester

There’s still time for this, we’re only in the fifth week of classes, but I wish I would have kept a better record of the year thus far. I’ve been working on it and trying to journal every day. A big help to this is following Jo Franco on Instagram and using the prompts she posts.

I’ve never been a big journaling person, despite my love for writing, and I really wish I could be. It’s such a great thing to be able to look back on years and certain events. It makes me wish I would have journaled more during my time in Japan (though I do still have some memories and adventures written down).

Honestly, keep a journal, even if it’s just a sentence or two a day, of your junior year, or any year, because it will always be full of adventures (like getting your appendix taken out on Halloween night).


Overall, I’m loving my junior year so far, and I have every intention of going back for the spring semester. I love Maine too much not to go back. What that spring semester will bring, however, is yet to be seen as I have lots of plans to join a club or two.

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