Arkansas Day 3

It’s the third day in Arkansas, and we’re celebrating! Happy Independence Day everyone, though by the time I post this the day’s passed. It’s the meaning that counts though, right?

For me, every 4th of July has been the same. Get together with family, have a cookout, do some fireworks, and the day’s over. I was expecting the same old same old. Arkansas had different plans.

For those who have read my review of Alex & Eliza you’ll know I’ve never seen Hamilton before, and I never really had an interest in it, or saw the appeal, until after I read the book. After that, I was hooked, and it just so happens that the musical premiered on Disney+ on July 3.

What better day to watch it than July 4th, am I right?

My family and I all gathered in the living room, set up the surround sound, and settled in. We’d all been interested in seeing it, and with coffee in hand, we crafted the perfect morning.

When Hamilton was over, we all moved outside and played some corn hole. I migrated between watching and reading, though I could no longer dedicate myself to Dracula when the game started getting good. I ended up abandoning my tablet and joining the competition (I lost, but it was a close game), and by the time we were done it was time to make for the top of the driveway so we could watch the fireworks.

I’ll paint you a little picture so you can get an idea of the place.

The air was warm and crisp with that fresh mountain air taste of summer. Trees dotted the area for as far as the eye could see; every breath felt freeing and liberating.

The sound of an engine rang in my ears as I pressed forward, feeling the moving, speeding contraption beneath me, urging the quad runner to go faster, faster, faster. Stones kicked up from underneath, leaving in my wake a trail of dust and debris. A hoot and holler tore itself past my lips as the Boston ball cap on my head flew off, carried away by the wind, leaving a small stamp in the world that I was here. Old, abandoned cars were passed, and little stone towers gazed upon as the four large wheels carried me along and along and along the dirt and stone trail, until at long last the sun reached for the horizon, kissing it, grasping it, wrapping it in its blinding light until it was sucked beneath, leaving in its wake a trail of stars and the moon.

All was silent and then, BOOM! A large pop and a crackle sounded throughout the valley and I stopped the vehicle in the driveway, jumping off and making to look at the horizon. I stood, at first, between two large trees and watched as show after show went off, all of them an endless display for my eyes, until the neighbors came over, offering kind smiles and invitations that were graciously accepted, and thank god they were for the view was stunning. All oxygen left my lungs as I gazed at the twinkling lights, wondering momentarily if the stars from above hadn’t fallen to the ground, gracing the world with even more beauty. No matter where the eye landed there was a show, and best of all, there was on straight overhead, the BOOM! deliciously loud, vibrating the body to the absolute core. We were close enough to feel small pieces of debris land on our bodies every so often, and it was gorgeous. It was everything a fireworks display should be and more.

The entire day was an ideal 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day to all who read this.

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