We’re back with the Arkansas trip! Day 2 start!

There was a slight chill to the morning air when I woke up, which was an hour earlier from usual because of the time change. My body was groggy, limbs groaning in protest as I tossed off the covers. Cool air wrapped around my body, pushing the fog that layered my thoughts away. I needed exactly one thing at that moment; coffee. Mild excitement coursed through my veins as the wooden floorboards creaked beneath my feet; walking through the beautiful house reminded me of the stunning area I was in.

The Keurig groaned as it spit of the dark caffeinated liquid into the tall mug. Steam rose into the air, and the tantalizing scent of coffee tormented my nose. My feet carried me to the back door and, with a swift click that sounded through the quieted house, I opened the door and stepped outside. A light breeze tickled the nape of my neck; miles on miles of sky and mountain expanded before me, the colors of the sky bleeding from a deep blue to light hues that ombred the sky in ways even a water color painting couldn’t do justice. Birds sang, and insects chirped; it was the perfect morning.

All was quiet for the first few hours, and then came the clamoring of the dogs, followed by that of the other inhabitants of the house awaking. The kitchen was soon filled with the wonderful aromas of breakfast and chatter. Plans were being made, and within the hour my stepmother and I were heading into town for a pre-planned pedicure at a hotel that overlooked the historic area of Eureka. From the chairs, we could look out a long window; houses dotted the landscape, each staccato roof reminding of the ones in Italy. The sun was shimmering through the trees overhead, speckling the brilliant green Earth below.

With our toes freshly painted, we walked through the vibrant town, life reverberating off every wall. There were colors atop of colors. The heat was terrible, but that didn’t slow us down even a fraction as we wove in and out of every store. Everything screamed unique and family owned. It was stunning, and my heart was thumping in my chest as the smile that won its way onto my face never faltered.

We grabbed lunch and a drink from an old hotel, sitting high atop on the balcony. Our perches allowed us to gaze over the main street. Mist was spraying from an overhead pipe, cooling the surrounding spaces; the small droplets glittered in the sun. It was like watching magic pixie dust fall from above.

With stomachs filled, we went on our way to explore more of the down. The sin was beating down on our heads, and the masks almost felt claustrophobic. We weren’t in search of anything specific, but we found the most amazing things from a beautifully painted mural on stairs to an old bookstore that was filled with stunning children’s books.

The moment the door opened, a tinkling bell could be heard overhead. An old woman with curling gray hair greeted us. She stood behind the counter, leaning on top of the glass, peering at us through the black-rimmed glasses perched on the tip of her nose. The telltale dust particles of any old bookshop were visible in the beams of light shining through, and upon inhaling, one became filled with the scent of books and paper.

From children’s books to self-help, to how-to, to journals, there was no end to the endless promises of adventure in the off side store. It was a pity to say goodbye, and, had they not been cash only, I surely would have come out with a bag or two of goodies.

Twisting, turning, traveling more, we came upon a candle store. It was quaint, small, and smelled delightful. The woman, nowhere near as old as the last, and much more kindly, smiled in greeting and told us of each candle. Some were overpowering, but some were deliciously sweet. Vivid imagery turned over in my thoughts as I closed my eyes, going from a warm bakery to a vast field; every candle promised an adventure.

The moment we stepped outside the store, we looked overhead at the looming clouds. The sun was still out, but the wind had picked up its ferocity, whipping curled strands of hair around my face. My nose twitched and the fresh scent of an incoming storm turned under my nose, mixing with the multitude of scents I’d just experienced. I could hear distant thunder on the horizon, and the air had an electric tinge to it. Fine hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and we agreed a consensus. Our day in Eureka had come to a close, many of the small shops were closing soon to begin with, the storm only sped things up. With haste from the impending storm, we went on our way home.

That brings Arkansas day 2 to a close! I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

All the best.

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