Arkansas Baby!

Ever since my parents had first told me about Arkansas and the amazing things they did while there, I’ve always had this yearning to see the state for myself. Well, the time has finally come.

The morning air was crisp, the sun just on the horizon, rising and caressing everything in its ambient gold while the sky overhead carried few clouds across its vast plain. There was a slight chill, making it difficult to sit outside unless wearing a jacket, not that that would be a problem, as the back door let in enough light to allude to being outside.

The coffee bean grinder growled and screamed as it made the darkened powder that would lead to my morning salvation; all it need now is some water, flavor, and 2% milk. Overhead, I could hear the strain of the pipes as water rushed through them, signaling the waking of my parents. A thrill shot through my veins, and I sipped the steaming liquid, becoming more alert with every passing second before setting to work on the croissants (Pillsbury if you’re so inclined to know). With it came smoked bacon, sausage, and fried eggs; the house dressed itself in the aromas of a large family breakfast, welcoming my parents the moment they came down the stairs.

We sat around the dining room table, chatting, laughing; the excitement mimicked on each of our faces, for today was the day; we were flying to Arkansas. The hours carried on as the minutes ticked by until we were clambering out the door, into the car, and wishing the house goodbye.

The airport was close, so making our flight wasn’t a problem; we even had enough time to grab a drink from Dunkin’. No, the major problem happened once we were secure in our seats. The pilot came over the intercom with some unfortunate news of being delayed. We already had a close connection, resting all the way on the other side of Chicago airport, and as 5 minutes turned to 10, and 10 into 20, it seemed less and less likely we would make it; but the plane engines blared, and the captain gave his little speech, meanwhile I was sitting eager, ready for that roller coaster feeling of my stomach dropping as the plane sped up, and up until we were sky ridden, and we bid Pennsylvania farewell, happily greeting Chicago 2 hours later, and racing over the well-polished tile.

Our chests were heaving, our nerves just the slightest bit frantic as our suitcase wheels worked at the max, trying to keep up with us. My step-moms hip went out for a minute, that was an awkward event, and my dad’s flight pass momentarily said the wrong Gate number; I’m sure you can image the panic. We made it to the Gate, with just a couple minutes to spare, and found our way to our seats, to which I was in despair. The person beside me wasn’t the greatest, but I paid it little mind, as I carried on with my Dracula novel and promptly fell asleep. I must confess, the book wasn’t a bore; it was just a matter of take-off, which always leads to a snore.

The flight took roughly an hour and a half. We departed rather quickly, collected our bags, and off we went to greet the friends we were staying with.

The car ride took nearly two hours, but the drive was well worth it, for when my eyes landed upon the house I could hardly believe the sight one bit. It was as if I’d taken part in some impromptu House Hunters tv show, because surely, I was gazing upon my dream home.

Mountains as far as the eye could see; wrap-around porch for gazing at sunset, and enjoying morning coffee with the true fellow partner, a book; enjoying a large open kitchen that led into a magnificent dining room overlooking the high ceiling living room. To add a cherry on top, there was even a Four-Wheeler. An activity was quickly added to my To-Do list while on vacation.

We had burgers and hot dogs for dinner that night, chatted, relaxed, until we all turned in for the night. I brushed my teeth, washed my fast, completed the whole routine, until I lie in bed at least, and drift off to a pleasant dream.

My first day in Arkansas, while technically only a half day after the travel time, was still a memorable one. I hope you enjoyed this little story version of it. While writing, I realized there were some parts where it began sounding poetic, so I just rolled with it. The posts to follow might be similar, I’m not sure yet. Until next time!

All the best.

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