How to Eat Healthily…During Fall Break

Hey, all it’s fall break now, as you probably could have surmised from the title of this post. A lot of students have gone home while some have stayed behind because the break is too short to pay the cost to travel a long distance home. It’s because of this that only one dining hall on campus is open at the moment. So, what do you do when that dining hall finally opens and you walk inside to find out they’re not serving breakfast at all? You make it yourself.

Alright, so, I may have exaggerated when I said “at all” but, really, when you walk into a dining hall at 10 in the morning and get up to the food the last thing you expect to see is corn, smashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, and gravy.

  • Side note: I’m not kidding when I call them “smashed potatoes”. They weren’t peeled potatoes. They were just smashed as is.

Sure, there was a Belgian waffle bar and some bagels and cereal and granola, but when I say breakfast I mean breakfast the whole nine yards. Eggs, sausage, hash browns. Can you tell yet that eating at the dining hall behind my dorm has spoiled me? No? Well, it has. So has been on this campus surrounded by beautiful colored leaves, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, I get to the dining hall and there’s no eggs or sausage or hashbrowns which surprised me, but it didn’t hinder me in my attempt to make a healthy breakfast. You see, I didn’t want all the carbs that came from waffles or bagels even if I do walk around campus enough in one day to walk it all off. So, I set out on a quest to find me a healthy breakfast.

Usually, what I eat consists of scrambled eggs, three to four pieces of sausage, and a small bowl of blueberry or strawberry yogurt most of the times topped with blueberries. Thankfully, they still had yogurt at this dining hall and it was blueberry at that!

So, step one: You grab a bowl and you scoop a nice helping of some yogurt into it.

Step two: rush on over and, this is just my preference, get some good old fashioned chocolate almond granola all up on that yogurt. Now, I love granola in my yogurt and I’ve come to learn that the chocolate almond granola they serve at the dining halls is amazing especially when mixed with the blueberry yogurt.

Step three: Top that beauty with some fruit. This time around, since it’s a different dining hall than what I’m used to going to, there were raspberries and blueberries available so I decided to mix things up and top my chocolate, blueberry bowl of deliciousness with some raspberries. It added a slightly bitter note to my already sweet bowl which made it all the more enjoyable.

Step four: If you want, go ahead and get a small side bowl of fruit. There was a part what that a small amount of mixed fruit laid out for people to take but I went with what I knew I would like (I can be a picky eater from time to time). Sliced peaches are always a good choice

Step five: Grab some of that popcorn chicken for good measure because, you know, protein and what not. Usually, this spot would be filled with sausage or Canadian bacon but seeing as there was none and I’m a sucker for well-made popcorn chicken, I indulged a little as a majority of my meal was already healthy.

Step six: Enjoy with a nice, steaming cup of coffee and a tall glass of orange juice. Obviously, you can fill this spot with whatever type of drink you prefer, I’m addicted to coffee so I have a cup of the stuff almost every day. I also have a coffee maker in my dorm room for those late nighters I have to pull to finish homework.

There ya go, everyone. A six-step guide to eating a good breakfast when your dining hall is serving lunch at ten in the morning rather than eggs, bacon/sausage, and hashbrowns.

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