Getting In-State Tuition and Other Stuff

Howdy Bookoholic’s!

So, I’m back for an update after being gone for quite a few months. I know, I kind of left you guys high and dry, but hey, I’m finally back and with some great news!

So, if you’ve been reading some of my previous blog posts and update information, you’ll know that I’ve moved to a new state back in the beginning of September. I did this so that I could get in-state tuition to my first choice university so that I don’t completely cripple myself in debt once I graduate.

Well, I did it!

I received a letter at the end of February from the admissions department with the confirmation that I’ll be receiving in-state tuition starting in the 2018-2019 school year. For a moment, when I had read that letter, I couldn’t believe it. Then, the water works started.

Yep, you read me right.

I cried and when I say cried, I mean bring on the bathing suit and tube because it was like a water park in my apartment. It’s a good thing none of my roommates were home because they probably would have thought I lost my mind. I was just so overjoyed that I couldn’t help it.

I set out in September of 2017 to achieve a goal. A goal that, by no means, was going to be easy to achieve. I did it, though. I worked two jobs, a full-time and part-time, worked my butt off, and made it to the end and I’m still in shock.

I said in an earlier post that, to me, achieving goals is as simple as doing it and going after that end goal. Now, I fully understand it’s not actually that simple, especially to some people, but it is worth it. Maybe it’ll be bumpy along the way. Things will go wrong, man do I know that all too well. There will be times when you just stop and think “Is this even worth all the sweat, blood, and tears?”.

It is.

100% it is worth it. All of it. The tears. The sweat. The blood. It’s all worth it and, when you get to that end goal and look back, you realize that completely because you’re now able to say that you tried and you succeeded.

And, man, did I try my butt off for in-state tuition and succeeded!

So, I just wanted to update you all on that. Onto other news!

Other things have been brewing on the back burner since I last posted. One of those things is Zenkaikon. Now, if you don’t know about Zenkaikon then prepare to be enlightened.

Zenkaikon is an anime convention held once a year, either towards the end of April or beginning of May, in Lancaster, PA. At this convention you get to meet a lot of great people from cosplayers, to venders, to voice actors of your favorite characters! The convention is held over a span of three days, starting from Friday and ending on Sunday. There are always an abundance of things going on, such as a cosplay masquerade and game room contests for Smash Bro’s.

I first found out about this convention from my best friend about four or five years ago. Since then, we’ve made it a point to go every single year! It’s basically a tradition at this point. The passes are affordable, too, especially if you get them early on. If you’re new to the convention scene, though, or you don’t have the money to buy a full on weekend pass, such as my friend and I back in high school, then you can also just get a day pass.

These day passes can be purchased right at the convention on Sunday and only cost you $25! It gets you into everything, too which is super nice.

So, if you’re in the area, and are interested in seeing an awesome anime convention up close and personal, check out Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA!

Onto the next topic!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the book scene the last few months and got some juicy information that Alexandra Bracken will be publishing a new book in The Darkest Minds series! I’m losing my mind over that! I hope you crazy bookoholic’s out there are as excited as I am, because as soon as that piece hits the shelves I’m picking it up.

There’s also the tidbit of information that Colleen Houck will be coming out with the newest book in the Tiger’s Curse series soon! It’s called Tiger’s Dream and I’m so excited for it. Now, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loved, loved, loved this series. It was an amazing adventure I never wanted to end.

I’ll be covering more on these juicy bits of book information next week in my Book Updates blog post, so tune in if you want the scoop!

That’s all for this week, Bookoholic’s. I know I haven’t been posting in the most routine pattern, but that’s just how I am. Sporadic. Please, bear with me until I can get onto a good posting pattern with the blog.

Until next week, Bookoholic’s. Keep on reading!

P.S. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoyed it with your better, book half.


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