Finally, An Update

Hello Bookoholic’s! Yes, it has been a while since I last spoke with you all. I apologize for that. Things have been very chaotic since that last post update. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

So, I got to Maine. I’ve been here for a little over a month, almost two now. I have managed to get myself two part time jobs, I’m, somehow, paying rent on time, and just adulting over all.

Well, let me tell you, adulting sucks. Big time. Since I’ve gotten to Maine my car has broken down on me numerous times and is, currently, sitting in a garage since it had to be towed off the high way a few days ago. As someone who just moved to this state and now holds two jobs, my car is pretty much a lifeline to me right now. If I don’t have that car, I might as well dig my own grave right now. The thing is, though, if I have that car and it keeps breaking down and I have to keep fixing it and putting money into it, then I might as well dig my own grave. This is where adulting sucks, Bookoholic’s. All the payments and bills.

Thankfully, I’m not too far into digging yet because I’m still holding on, just barely. With the second job I managed to get my hands on, I can make my rent and buy food, so all hope is not lost.

Between the car breaking down, finding a job and then another job, and figuring out my budget plan, things haven’t been the calmest around me. I’m just glad I can finally get a break and write this updater post for you all.

So, onto better things like the fact I love my one part time job. The people there are the best, the atmosphere is amazing, and who doesn’t love free coffee and donuts? I can say with 100% assurance, that I got lucky landing this job and I’m truly glad I found it. The people there have made the move to Maine so much easier and I’ve even managed to make a few friends out of them.

Since my last update I’ve also managed to go to a University open house and it was amazing. I cannot begin to explain how much I loved walking onto that campus and finally, finally, finally becoming a part of it. I won’t officially be a student until next fall, but, as soon as I stepped foot onto the campus, I knew everything up until then was completely worth it. All the car troubles, the stress, the work, it’s all worth it for the end goal of getting residency in Maine and paying in-state instead of out-of-state tuition.

Things have been difficult, but I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. I know I’d completely hate myself if I gave up and went home. I don’t think I’d even be able to look at myself in the mirror. So, I’ll keep pushing through the hard times and continue focusing on making it to my end goal!

Alright, Bookoholic’s, that’s about it for this updater post. It’s not long, but I think it says a lot. Be on the lookout for a new Book Updates coming soon. I think you’ll like this one!

Until next time.


Letter style, I like it. Anyway, I also wanted to throw in the small tidbit of information that the novel I’ve been recently writing is currently up and for nomination as a Kindle Scout campaign! If you’re looking for a new good book, Kindle scout is definitely a place to check, even if mine isn’t your cup of tea, I’m sure you can find something on there.

If you don’t know already, Kindle Scout is an extension of Amazon where authors can put their novel up for nomination for 30 days. In that time, if their book is nominated enough, their book is published with Amazon.

Nominating a book is completely free and, if the book you nominated is chosen for publication, you’ll receive a free, advanced copy of the book. It’s a win win situation, you get to choose the next books published and get a free copy. I’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you’re interested in Kindle Scout and are also interested in my novel I’ll leave a link here. I hope you find a great book to nominate!


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