Totally Random Post

Hey Bookoholic’s!

So, this is a totally unscheduled, unplanned blog post. I was just sitting in this really comfortable chair, listening to it thunder outside and waiting for it to start pouring buckets as I read old posts from this travel blogger I really admire. Her name is Lauren and she runs the Never Ending Footsteps travel blog.

The old post I was reading got me thinking about my plans for future travel and what I want to do. While I was thinking about them, I figured it best to get it all down in writing and then, I thought to share my plans with you since, if you’re reading this, you’ll probably be coming with me on the journey through the posts I put up on here.

My current plans, as of right now, are to work my way to Maine and settle down there for the next 4-5 years for college. I’ll be an English major with a minor in either business or English as a second language (I haven’t really decided yet though I’m leaning towards business as of right now).

During the first year that I’m in Maine I’ll be working full time to save up money for when I actually start university in the fall of 2018. During this time I’d like to get my TEFL certification. Now, for those of you who don’t know, TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) is a certification that will allow me to go over seas and teach english to kids and adults. This really appeals to me because it incorporates my goal of traveling the world as well as teaching the thing I love. English. The TEFL certification is one of the reasons why I’m leaning towards business as a minor rather than ESL since, in the future, I also want to eventually start my own literary agency.

During my second year at university I want to study abroad in Japan for a year. Why Japan you may ask. Well, that’s because Japan has always been a country I’ve wanted to go to. I love everything about the culture and the people and everything the country has to offer. Learning about Japan and the different ways of life is actually what originally got me into the idea of traveling the world and seeing more than just one place.

After my year abroad, I want to really buckle down on my studies and find an internship, maybe traveling again only, this time, to the UK.

As soon as I’m out of college with my B.A. and TEFL certification in hand I want to go back to Japan and teach English there for a while to elementary kids or high schoolers.

I don’t have anything else after this planned, but I’ve started realizing that, that’s okay since not everything has to be planned out. The way I’m starting seeing it, is that, once I get to that point, I’ll figure out where my next adventure awaits me. I know it’ll be something fun and amazing since, ultimately, I want to backpack Europe once I graduate from university.

It’ll take a while to get to that point in time, but I know that if I take it one step at a time I’ll ultimately get to that final goal of seeing the world. I just have to be a little patient.

Anyway, that’s all for now Bookoholic’s! If you made it to the end of this completely random and unscheduled post then thanks for reading!

The next stop for my travels will be my brother’s wedding!

Until next time.

If you’ve got time you should definitely check out Lauren’s travel blog!

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