The Red Lolli

It was Harry’s Supermarket
The place we all knew
The place we all went to.

There was a time
When I was younger
A toddler really
And yes, I remember that time
I remember most things in life except when
I was a baby.
No one remembers being a baby.

But there was a time,
A time inside Harry’s that I stood beside my momma
We wove up and down and
Up and down
The aisles looking for
Frozen Meals,
Ice cream,
The “essentials” as momma called it
When I saw it.

It was glistening red.
A sugar pop.
The best kind, really.
The kind all kids
Plead for from their momma’s and poppa’s.
It called my name, perched from its
High stand at the beginning of the check-out lane.
A quarter for one, a dollar for four.
My toddler brain thought it was
the deal of a lifetime.

Momma said no.
I threw a tantrum and she smacked me
On my kisser
And walked down the cashiers aisle without looking back.
No one looked at me.
Everyone ignored me.
That’s how it was in the town that housed
Harry’s Supermarket.
Now, I stand at the start of the
Very same aisle
23 years later.
Well into adulthood, I grab the single lolli
Placing it onto the conveyor belt
A jolt of excitement I haven’t felt since highschool
Travels across my body.

The woman behind the register
Ripe with pregnancy and alcohol
A stench of cigarettes blanketing her
Plump form scans the few items I have
Frozen meals,
Ice cream,
The “essentials” I now call them.

“When are you due?”

I was never one for conversation.
Neither is the woman. She grunts.
Her name is Stacy, as dictated by a cheap plastic tag.
She hands me my bags and I

“Have a nice night, Stacy.”

Another grunt and I hurry out of Harry’s
Not waiting to fish out the red lolli from the bag.
Darkness has since descended over the sky
And the singular lamppost in the
Cramped lot flickers on and off.
My car sits under it and I
Push my cart to a stop beside the gross burgundy paint job.

“Took you long enough, mom.”

My son said, but I ignore him as I
Undress my lolli,
Mouth watering.
A childhood “no.”
Become an adulthood “yes.”

“It tastes disgusting.”

Autumnal Adventure

There was a time when I was studying in Japan that a group of my friends went on an excursion to Mitake Mountain. There were five of us though I was only really close to two of them. We all have those friends who we label as “friends” when, in actually, they’re just acquaintances.

The Autumnal excursion was ripe with beautiful overlooks, memorable experiences, and a gorgeous shrine that stood at the top of it all. This shrine was known for worship of animals where pet owners could purchase little protection charms for cats or dogs. Of course, I bought one for my own pooch and it dangles from my phone to this day. Every step I take is followed by a small chiming of the little bell ringing, reminding me of the day, the adventure, the friends, and the views.

A Tune

There will come a time,

When daisy’s dance

and blades of wind

Will cut through the sky,

Singing a tune

Only you can hear.

A New Year

A new day
A new year
The world is upon us
The possibilities endless.

We all lie in wait
With promises galore
And a sea of wishes
Upon our very tongues.

A cheerful symphony
Of laughter
Of cries
Of a


And may this one be filled
With dancing stars
And smiling moons
And a sunrise to
Greet every beautiful day
And sorrowful storm
To bring upon a year
Of new beginnings.

The past now just that
A past of memories
And growth.
A year to never forget
As we bid it farewell.

Goodbye 2020
A year of
And a horseman run

Hello 2021
May you usher us into
And understanding.

Rock Bottom

Falling down a rabbit hole

Watching from afar,

No way to intervene.

They tumble and they stumble,

I wish this wasn’t it

Rock bottom never seemed so scary

Until you watch another come

so close

Their eyes squeezed shut

The obsidian abyss


Mere light a fantasy

high above their head

Hope now shattered.

Happy Holidays

This time last year, I was spending Christmas in Japan with a wonderful host family who were kind, adventurous, funny, and just an all around joy to be with. Since then, I think we can all agree that much has happened in the world from COVID to Politics to movements that need to happen. We’ve come a long way from where we once stood a year ago and while it’s difficult to see past all the misfortune and sadness that has gripped us these last few months, take today and focus on all the good that has happened, no matter the size of it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, spending it with loved ones whether they be family or friends. This year has been a hard one, but we’re getting through it one step at a time so take today to breathe, relax, and collect yourself. Enjoy the day and look back on all the amazing things you’ve accomplished in life. Take joy in the ones you hold dear.

Happy Holidays!

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